Bedeword Lodge 7274

A Masonic Lodge in Nuneaton, United Kingdom

Masonic Hall, 12 Newdegate Place, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 4EZ

Bedeword Lodge favaconThe Origins of Bedeword Lodge

“The origins of Bedeword Lodge began with the desire for a Masonic Lodge of Freemasons to cover the Bedworth & Nuneaton area of Warwickshire.”

The first meeting of the Founders to discuss the formation of a new lodge took place in the Autumn of 1952 in the Black Horse Inn, Exhall (sadly it closed in 2015 and has since been demolished).

The desire for the new Lodge was to bring Freemasonry to the extensive area lying outside the Masonic centres of Nuneaton and Coventry, particularly Bedworth and District. At this time, the existing Lodges in Nuneaton and Coventry had long waiting lists, to the detriment of potential candidates in the outlying districts. As Bedworth formed the core of the area, it was felt that the name of the new Lodge should be associated with that town.

It was the intention and desire of the Founders that candidates for initiation into the new Lodge would have a personal interest in the area either by residential, business or sentimental associations (as far as was practicable or reasonable).

Several suggestions for a name were made including All Saints, Exworth, Coronation (I suspect because Queen Elizabeth II was being crowned on 2 June 1953) and Bedworth, but the Founders selected “The Bedeword Lodge”.

Bedeword is the Anglo-Saxon spelling of Bedworth as it appears in the Doomsday Book. In the centuries before the Norman Conquest, the lands of the Great Lords were let out in Holdings, each of which was called a “worth” (pronounced ‘urth’); and as the territory in which we are interested was the “worth” of one Beada (pronounced Bay-ah-da). The origin of the name becomes evident and thus we have an ancient name to go with an ancient and honourable craft.

Research, however, discloses a fault in the spelling. In those days the sound “th” was indicated by crossing the letter “d” as in our day we cross the letter “t”. The scribe overlooked the crossing of this final consonant, with the result that the spelling in the Doomsday Book does not correctly indicate the pronunciation which has existed through the centuries.
The discrepancy was carefully considered by the Founders and in order to avoid confusion and difficulty it was decided to apply modern sounds to Anglo-Saxon spelling. Thus, the name officially authorised is a word of two syllables; Bedeword – pronounced Bead-word.

The Crest of the Lodge is an adaption of that used by Bedworth Urban District Council (prior to amalgamation with Nuneaton to form the Borough Council) Especially it was realised that the motto: ‘We grow by industry’ was eminently pertinent to Masonry and accordingly it was incorporated into the Lodge Crest in the Latinised form; Industria Crescimus – By our industry we grow.

The Lodge consecration took place on July 29th, 1953, at the Nuneaton High School for Girls, Hinckley Road, Nuneaton. Interestingly, the dining fee was 11/6d! (57.5p!)

The Bedeword Founders were grateful for the support of members of the Abbey Lodge No. 432 (consecrated in 1836), our ‘Mother Lodge’, Athelstan Lodge No. 1333 for their practical support in loaning Lodge furniture at the time of the Consecration, and St Mary’s Lodge No.7244 in Warwick which was consecrated a few weeks earlier and our Founders were able to attend.

On 10th February 2016, Bedeword Lodge No: 7274 held its 500th meeting since its consecration in 1953. The Lodge was opened by our honoured guest W. Bro. Christopher Rogers, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, who congratulated the Lodge on achieving such a milestone in its history.

The above is derivation of the word ‘BEDEWORD’, was compiled by W. Bro. E.H.Green, who was a Founder and Worshipful Master of Bedeword Lodge No: 7274 in 1954.